Monday, October 8, 2007

Bread Attempt #1

Well here's the scoop on my first serious attempt at bread making. I couldn't find the exact recipe I wrote down after a lesson with my mother in law, so I went by memory. Next time I will show the exact measurements, but for now, heres only a list of ingredients. This is a white bread recipe consisting of flour, water, vegetable oil, yeast, some sugar and salt, and then sesame seeds and an egg wash for the top.

I hand mixed the dough, so at first I was concerned that it wasn't as smooth as it was supposed to be, but I left it as is. I was quite satisfied with how it grew after the first rising of 2 hours.Seeing your dough rise successfully is quite a moment for a new baker. It's a really good feeling that soemthign did indeed go right! After the first rising I punched the dough down and then kneaded it again. Then I formed my loaves.I let them rise for another hour and again, they did me proud! I gave them a nice coat of an egg wash and topped them with sesame seeds.So in to the oven my beloved loaves of goodness went. The oven was set to 350 degrees and I kept them in for 45 mins, and then lowered the heat to 300 for the last 15 minutes.All and all the bread turned out really well. My husband, brother in law and his kids were my tasters and they all liked it! The only problem was that they spread out a bit and could have been higher in height. My mother said that I needed to knead the dough ALOT more after the first rise, and then the dough would have kept its shape more.

With some extra dough I made a little flat bread like my mother in law does, and it surely did not disappoint! I added some salt to the top, after applying the egg wash and sesame seeds, and voila - a very tasty flatbread---delicious!

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