Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prime Rib Roast

Since today was full of rain , I figured a nice roast would warm up the house. After consulting my mother via phone, I picked up some prime rib roast. Since my house has only 2 people, I picked up 2 nicely sized rib roasts instead of the huge ones my mother buys for the family. This is a good portion for plenty of leftovers. I tackled it this way:1. Preheated oven to 350°
2. Add a little olive oil to roasting pan.
3. Generously add salt, pepper and garlic powder to roasts. Add a little olive oil on top and rub all the spices and oil into the meat.
4. Cut up 2 medium onions, quartered, and add to pan.
5. Add a 14oz. can of tomato sauce to the pan and meat.
6. Put in oven.
7. Once the meat starts to brown, cover with tin foil. Unfortunately I did this 30mins in. I think I may have waited too long to cover the meat.
8. Add some potatoes and baby carrots at this point. Another mistake was adding too much salt to the potatoes.
I removed the meat after 2 hours--way too long. The meat near the bone was quite good, but a good portion was way too dry. The potatoes remained in the oven for another 30mins, but I cranked the heat to 400°.
After putting the broiler on for 3 minutes the veggies were done. The meal was still a good one, but I definitely have lots to learn in the roast department. A simple side salad and bread accompanied the meat and potatoes, so all and all, a satisfying night in from the rain.


  1. So I went to my parents' place and spoke to my mom about the roast. I forgot to do a very important thing: BASTE THE MEAT! I can't believe I forgot that! Poor roast could of been spectacular if I had remembered to baste the damn thing!

  2. those potatoes are making me huuuuuungry